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What We Do

WhatWeDo.JoelThe Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund was established to honor a man who touched many young lives in his brief life. Joel died in 2014 at the far too young age of 42. In addition to his family and friends, Joel left behind another “family” as well — the hundreds of kids who attend Florida College summer camps. For many years Joel served as a counselor at these camps, and kids remember him as easy to spot (he was always the tallest counselor), the leader of every sporting event, the “slip-n-slide” king, and of course, the inspirational song leader who never let the evening end without leading everyone in worship to God in song.

While many of Joel’s campers have gone on to college, graduated, married and are even raising the soon to be campers, the influence Joel had on them remains. That is why a number of families joined together after Joel’s death to create the Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund. We want to honor Joel while at the same time raising money to provide assistance to students who need financial assistance to attend one of the Florida College camps held each summer. Scholarship amounts will vary depending on the amount of funds raised and the number of kids who need assistance. But through the generosity of many of Joel’s friends who want to honor him, as well as those who think it important for kids to have a week of camp where God is first, we know that the needs will be met. Amounts raised above the need for tuition assistance will be provided to the Florida College camp program to help with equipment or other needs.

All donations will be used for tuition assistance or camp support. Administrative costs are covered by fund organizers. The Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund is established as a Florida non-profit corporation and has a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS. Donations are tax-deductible.

We hope you will join us in honoring Joel and providing opportunities for all kids to attend a Florida College camp. Joel, and F.C. camp, had a profound impact on our kids. Please consider donating any amount you can so Joel’s legacy is honored and every kid, regardless of need, can attend an F.C. camp.

Thanks for your help.

Kevin (F.C. ’83) & Kathi (F.C. ’84) Hyde

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