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Be Sure to Apply by May 1st!

LOCATIONS and SCHEDULES are found on our “About FC Camps” page.

We are so glad you heard about the Joel Sloan Camp Fund and are interested in applying for a scholarship to help cover camp expenses! It is the mission of the JSCF to help deserving kids experience the Florida College Camp week of their choice. Many donors have given generously to make this a reality in the honor of an inspiring FC camp counselor, Joel Sloan.

IMPORTANT First Step: Please read and indicate that you agree to the three statements below.

1. My child (children) will write a thank you letter for this scholarship, detailing the benefit of attending camp. Letters are due July 15th and should be mailed to the JSCF 3545 Pine Street, Jacksonville, FL or emailed to joelsloanfccamp@gmail.com.

2. I agree to pay as much of the Camp fee as I can pay, so that funds can be used to help as many campers as possible.

3. I agree that my contact information may be shared with Florida College to be used for outreach to potential students and regional events to promote the college and camps.

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Have you ever visited Florida College Campus or attended other Florida College events?

What are you looking forward to about Florida College Camp?

NOTE: The level of scholarship will depend on need and the availability of funds. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application within two weeks of it being submitted. If you don’t receive a response beyond the automated form completion message within this time frame, and to insure we receive your application, please send a hard-copy request with the same information to:

Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund
3545 Pine Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32205

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