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Help a camper in need enjoy a

Florida College Summer Camp



2017 Scholarships

Please help us make sure that every child has a chance to join their friends at camp this coming summer.

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Applications for 2018 Scholarships
Ended May 1

Last Year We Sent 140 Kids to Camp

Since it’s inception in 2015 the Joel Sloan Camp Fund has provided 322 campers with scholarships.  These camper’s needs are diverse.  Some are campers whose parents have recently lost jobs.  Some are campers whose parents are preachers and teachers and camp is a luxury expense that is hard to justify.  Some are campers who have been adopted and their families want to immerse these young people in a spiritual environment. 

One thing they all have in common, these are young people who thrive in these weeks of focused social, spiritual and physical development which they could not afford without Joel Sloan Camp Fund Scholarships. The generosity of our committed donors has made these 322 scholarships possible. Your contributions can help make 2018 our best year of giving yet!

What Campers and Parents Say About Their Experience

Thank you so much for thinking of [my son]. If it wasn’t for the Joel Sloan Scholarship I don’t think [my son] would have made it to camp this year. This is one thing he looks forward to every summer. Hopefully one day I will be able to pay it forward and help a child go. No one should ever have to tell a kid they can’t afford for them to go. Thanks again for all you do toward the Joel Sloan Scholarship. I knew Joel as a child, and got reacquainted with him as a young adult. He was truly a great Christian and made camp a great place to go. — 2016 Parent

Thank you very much for allowing me to go to Florida College Georgia camp. My family and I are very grateful for this kind gesture of yours. I really enjoyed being around spiritually minded people for a week. Going to this camp has encouraged me tremendously. Thank you very much. — 2016 Sloan Camp Scholar

Thank you so much for allowing me to be able to go to camp. I had so much fun singing, stargazing, hanging out with friends, and getting closer to God. — 2016 Sloan Camp Scholar

Thank you so much for helping bring these kids to camp. Your love and support is felt across the state! Camp is such an uplifting and inspiring event for all those involved, and without your generous assistance these young people would miss out on the ‘Best Week of the Year. — 2016 Camp Director

Thanks for helping my family pay for me to go to camp. I went to the Georgia FC Camp. It was really fun and encouraging, especially since we talked about encouragement. Also, it was really cool going on a zipline for the first time, going in the trees to do an obstacle course, going swimming in the pond, and lots of other things including meeting new friends, and seeing old ones. Thank you so much for helping me to have an amazing opportunity to go to this camp. — 2016 Sloan Camp Scholar

Thank you so much for getting me to camp. I made new friends this year, and had even more fun than last year! You’re all such wonderful generous people and thank you again. — 2016 Sloan Camp Scholar

Our Scholarship Fund

The Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund was established to honor a man who touched many young lives in his brief life.We provide scholarships to students who need financial assistance to attend one of the Florida College camps held each summer.Florida College Camps echo the purpose and goals of Florida College by providing summer recreation and fun with a biblical foundation, offering a unique environment for personal godly development, and preparing campers for better service to their Creator and humanity.

Honoring Joel Sloan

Scholarships Are Available March 15th

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If you want to go to one of the FC Summer Camps, but need some financial assistance, please apply.

Deadline to apply is May 1st.


2018 Camp Schedule

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All Florida College Camps are non-profit and are made possible by volunteer directors, counselors, and staff.

The cost of each camp varies based on location, facilities of the campground and activities offered.

Profits from camp are awarded as scholarships to Florida College, scholarships to Florida College camps, or are reinvested into the camp/booster club.

How to Help

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Help a young person go to camp! All donations will be used for tuition assistance or camp support.

Administration costs are covered by fund organizers.


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