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Help a camper in need enjoy a Florida College Summer Camp



2016 Scholarships Donated So Far

Please help us make sure that every child has a chance to join their friends at camp this summer.

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Last Year We Sent 53 Kids to Camp

While many of Joel’s campers have now gone on to college, graduated, gotten married or even raised campers of their own, the influence Joel had on each of them remains.

The Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund was created to honor Joel’s impact on young people while raising money to provide financial assistance for students who cannot afford to attend a Florida College camp. All donations to this fund go directly to helping campers in need or supporting Florida College camps.

Please join us in honoring Joel and providing opportunities for kids to attend Florida College camps.

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What Campers Say About Their Experience

2016 Camp Photos arriving NOW On Dropbox

Campers are turning in photos of their experiences at the camps and although we plan to compile a subset, we don’t want you to miss a single thing!

What Campers Say About Their Experience

You allowed accepted me for the scholarship this year of 2015 to allow me to enjoy the best week of my life. I just wanted to let you know how much I am thankful for that. Before I left for camp I was short in money about $150. I was very scared I would not be able to see and spend time with my friends, but most of all, sing praises to God in a safe environment. Once I heard about the scholarship I was overjoyed. Money has been tight lately…so this was possibly the best thing that someone could do for me. Georgia camp was the best. And I have you to thank for helping me go. Thank you and God bless you. — A 2015 Georgia Sloan Scholar

Thank you for allowing me to get the Florida College Camp Scholarship! I really am so thankful. It was a great experience and thanks to you I was able to be a part of the FC Camp. (Proverbs 3:5-6) — A 2015 Florida Sloan Scholar

Our Scholarship Fund

The Joel Sloan Florida College Camp Scholarship Fund was established to honor a man who touched many young lives in his brief life.We provide scholarships to students who need financial assistance to attend one of the Florida College camps held each summer.Florida College Camps echo the purpose and goals of Florida College by providing summer recreation and fun with a biblical foundation, offering a unique environment for personal godly development, and preparing campers for better service to their Creator and humanity.

Scholarships Are Available

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If you want to go to one of the FC Summer Camps, but need some financial assistance, please apply.

Deadline to Apply is May 15th.


FC Camp Info

2016 Camp Schedule

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All Florida College Camps are non-profit and are made possible by volunteer directors, counselors, and staff.

The cost of each camp varies based on location, facilities of the campground and activities offered.

Profits from camp are awarded as scholarships to Florida College, scholarships to Florida College camps, or are reinvested into the camp/booster club.


How to Help

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Help a young person go to camp!All donations will be used for tuition assistance or camp support.Administration costs are covered by fund organizers.


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